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Episode number 13 from season 5.

2020-02-03 - World’s First Tesla Cyberbike

Season 5 - Episode 13 - 02-03-2020
Tron Bike? Los Angeles November 2019. Casey is doing a remake of the Tesla SUV reveal show. Not a real Telsa bike, but they tried their best to make one. Casey invites people to join him on the bike. He stops at a Tesla charging station. Neh... doesn't work. The rear rack fits a 6-pack. Not very pratcical when you cant to turn. It is a Super 73, but a new prototype, that's a solution for Casey to test it while not showing to people what bike it is because it is not finished yet. It was difficult to built. They started with cardboard. Then aluminum. The pieces had to be soldered. Then it has to be rideable. A police officers arrests him. The real new Super73-RX is available now, he can show it.

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