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Episode number 12 from season 5.

2020-01-10 - FASTEST CAR, YOUNGEST DRIVER - driving a $200,000 sports car with Lando Norris

Season 5 - Episode 12 - 01-10-2020
Video sponsored by OnePlus. Casey is in Las Vegas. Navigating in Las Vegas is tricky, there are fences to prevent you from crossing the streets, so you have to take bridges that leads into casinos! A boosted board could be useful but you can't fly with them anymore! Unless you remove the battery, put it into another luggage. and the tools and bolts elsewhere. Now the security doesn't know what they are looking at. OnePlus has a new concept phone in partnership with Mc Laren, a phone with electrochromatic glass. Lando Norris is also here. They will be playing with the phone and the car. The car has the same sunroof type of glass. Lando is 20 and a Formula One driver. He is not old enough to go into the casinos. He had a mini, the a Renault Clio, then he went to McLaren. He his more a racer than a Youtuber. Casey flies the drone to film the car. Then they swap and Casey drives the car. Back at the hotel place. Casey sees a cat in the bushes.

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