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Episode number 10 from season 5.


Season 5 - Episode 10 - 12-26-2019
Casey tries to take a citibike but struggles. He is back in NYC for one day. He still hasn't found the keys of his office. He knocks on the partition wall to call Sam. Sam is editing a video. His friend Ryan comes in his studio. He is giving away a full year rent/food/... for 12 months. He has a TV show about buying apartments and real estate books. People coming in New York City often have a dream, they have to fulfill it fast because it is expensive, but Ryan is paying for all the expenses for one year. No strings attached, this is Ryan's Christmas present. Casey takes his Boosted Board to visit his very first NYC apartment. 1 bedroom apartment divided in a 2 bedroom apartment. It was so small a futon could not lay flat in the room. Before meeting Candice he wants to go by the river before. Later in a cafe he asks her if she is glad she had moved to California: no, she misses NYC. She would like to come back here. 2 ways to look at things in life: look back and wish it is still like that and another is to be excited to what is coming next. Neither is right or wrong, but they are not coming back.

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