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Episode number 1 from season 5.

2019-10-08 - MY LiFE iN LA

Season 5 - Episode 1 - 10-08-2019
Ferrari in the street. So much to catch up. Drone views from Los Angeles beaches. Casey had 2 goals when it comes to moving to California: slow down in life doing things he likes thats not work. Work less. Casey shows his new studio, a small room above his garage. Fantastic but the space is not done yet so no complete tour today. Life is good sofar. Candice likes that Casey is always here at night. He is still running every day but on the beach instead of concrete. The weather is nice every single day. He is also trail running and hiking. Great views of LA. He is using his super73 a lot. Francine goes often on the bicycle too. He also surfs a lot. He always wanted to surf more often. He loves being on water and away from cellphones, social media... but he had a severe collarbone break. That's the fun part. But it is also in the shadow of what defined him for a very long time: work. He has put a lot of things on hold to work for finding success in his career. Hard to admit. The last 2.5 months felt like rehab to overcome an addiction to work. Not done yet, but he has a couple of takeaways. He is more aware of how amazing life is. Imposture syndrome. Family, health will be his number one priorities but he will continue to make videos.

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