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Episode number 99 from season 4.

2018-11-06 - I CUT MY DIAMOND PLAY BUTTON IN HALF (10 Million Sub button)

Season 4 - Episode 99 - 11-06-2018
Big circular saw in Casey's office. In the street Casey shows that New York City is finally getting rid of the huge concrete blocks on the bike lanes. Quick breakfast with Candice. the baby Georgie is 1 month old and is 8 pounds. Casey missed Dan. He proposed to his girlfriend. Tracker car in the street. Big achievement for Casey: the Diamond Play button. It is heavy, feels sold. What's inside Channel. Dan and Lincoln are here with Casey in the studio. They cut everything in half. Casey gives the play button to Lincoln, who plays with it and it fall on the ground and breaks in lots of parts... just a joke, they made a fake one. They pop the crystal out because cutting crystal with a saw results in lots of tiny parts. Ear and eye protection is needed. Safety should always be number 1 priority. Casey blew a fuse while cutting. They continue and manage to cut is in half. After it's done they explain that there are two buttons, the real one and another real one but that had a blemish on it so YouTube didn't want to give it to Casey. Dan and Lincoln went where they make the YouTube buttons.

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