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Episode number 97 from season 4.

2018-11-01 - 70 People with No Clothes on Photographed at 368

Season 4 - Episode 97 - 11-01-2018
In the 368 building Casey explains that he is uncomfortable with naked people but all of there are ready for a picture to be taken. Casey is back from paternity leave. One+ event. Oneplus 6 review to come. Great event. Casey liked his paternity leave. Lots of time with the family. Candice is at 368 too. The naked thing. Spencer Tunick the photographer is used to take pictures of naked people around the wold. He asked him to make a shoot at 368. Casey is not comfortable at all but agreed to be a part of this. Back in the studio he interviews Spencer. He has 100,000 people in his list who are ok to be shot naked. He photographed 18,000 people in Mexico City in 2007. and Instagram. Naked people in Casey's studio while Casey is working. Later he shows lots of parcels waited to be opened. Mailtime is out of control.

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