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Episode number 96 from season 4.

2018-10-25 - Living in NYC during a Crisis

Season 4 - Episode 96 - 10-25-2018
In his studio Casey explains that there was an alert int the area of 58th and 8th street. NYPD, SWAT, FDNY, ... a bomb was discovered. No one was hurt. All the media are talking about it. Casey wants to talk about the resilience of New York people. The very concept of terrorism is to change us and we will not allow that to happen. Casey goes in the subway to show a map of Manhattan. He shows where the bomb was found. HE interviews people in the subway. Nothing has changed, people continue to live as usual. He takes the subway to continue to interview more people. HE goes 6 blocks from where the accident took place. People are still jogging an walking. One block away lots of police presence but that's all. People have still to go to work, can't be late... 2 kinds of people: I know what happened but I don't care I have to live my life, and I don't know what happened and I don't care because I have to live my life. We should be vigilant but life goes on. New Yorkers are resilient.

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