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Episode number 95 from season 4.

2018-10-18 - A $10 Million Dollar Joke

Season 4 - Episode 95 - 10-18-2018
Casey is still on leave because he had a baby. Quick tech review tuesday. Time to review the Elon Musk (Not a) Flamethrower. It doesn't come with a propane tank but with a $5 bill to buy one because they were not able to ship it with the flamethrower. It is a roofing torch with a soft air gun plastic enclosure. Casey leaves the building to buy a tank to Chinatown building supply store. $10.34, Elon owes Casey $5.34. Casey can't try the flamethrower outside in NYC. Law enforcement would react quickly... so the safest way to try it is inside! Back in the studio Casey explains the idea behind the flamethrower. Extract from Spaceball movie. Merchandise. Casey likes the joke. Terrible idea, don't buy it, so we need one :) A democrat in California is charging The Boring Company because he doesn't feel this is right. Casey assembles the tank on the gun. He has 2 fire extinguishers just in case. Time to try it. Huge flame. He burns the windscreen of his microphone.

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