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Episode number 94 from season 4.

2018-10-15 - Navy Seal Commander explains why wake up at 4am

Season 4 - Episode 94 - 10-15-2018
Movie from September 26. Wake up. 4:42am it is usually what his day looks like. He is always up between 4 an 5. Coffee, then the absolute most productive hours. No phone calls, no text messages, nothing happens on social media. between 5 and 7 two full hours of works. Then Francine wakes up, time for breakfast. Cinnamon rolls. She leaves for school at 7:30, by 8:00 he is out to run. Back from the run before 10. shower, shave and commuting to work. 5 minute ride. 10am he is at the studio for office work. Then lunch and more work: meetings, 368, emails... He leaves the office before 6pm. 6 to 10pm is family time. Baby is asleep at 10, he goes to the gym from 10:00 to 11:00. 11:00 he falls asleep. Casey asks Levi (who is filming) at what time he wakes up: 9am. Jocko Willink, a former Navy Seal explains that if you wake up early you really have time for yourself, time to make things happen. Jocko is in the studio explaining that it is tough but you must have discipline to and leave the bed. If you win that fight it is a big victory. Then as you already have some victories it leads to easier choices. The discipline carries on through the day. Extract from his 'Extreme ownership book'. Jocko's Bio. He was a instructor and then uses his knowledge for discipline in companies. Discipline equals freedom. Less Fortnite, more work. Levi asks what about people pointing things outside themselves for being responsible. There is no one else to blame. Back to Casey's schedule. People always ask where does he find the hours. How is he not exhausted? He shows the 24 hours of his day with dominoes. He had 2 hours between 11:00pm and 1:00am for Netflix and other unproductive things. He moved them to between 5:00am and 7:00am, so what used to be wasted hours are now useful hours.

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