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Episode number 92 from season 4.

2018-10-03 - An Extraordinary Moment

Season 4 - Episode 92 - 10-03-2018
Shawn Mendes and Casey on stage. Painter in the street. Today is a big day. The biggest day for 368. Lots of flowers in the entrance hall of 368. Lots of decoration work is going on. Tonight is the Premiere of Shawn Mendes movie. 150 people/fans are coming here. It is a 15 minute movie but it was made with a real movie production team, gear, audio equipment... His regular vlogs take 1 day to make. This 15 minute movie took him 3 people 4 months to finish. FDNY comes to check if everything is ok to have public here. They have done small events but today is what represents the ambition of the space. YouTubeMusic. Long line of people waiting outside, mostly young girls. Shawn explains that it is the most authentic story movie on him that will ever be released. Levi is waiting for him to record a Q&A. They both go on stage. Shawn sits with the fans to watch the movie. Casey gets nervous when screening a movie. It is so different in person than uploading it on YouTube. The fans have strong reactions. Smiling, laughing, crying, ... Shawn takes Casey's camera. Later a present for Casey. 10 million subscriber YouTube button. Cake with candles. It is not his birthday.

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