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Episode number 9 from season 4.

2018-04-11 - Wishes Come True; ZOMBIES, SUPER SCARY ZOMBIE MOVIE

Season 4 - Episode 9 - 04-11-2018
Strange intro with Dan wearing what looks like a dress. In the studio Casey opens a new pair of RayBan foldable Wayfarer sunglasses. He scratches the logo and engraves his name. Maverik Films plug. Nick Wallace, 18 from San Diego. He had a live transplant. He has been granted a wish from Make a Wish foundation. He wanted to be into film making, so the foundation helped him and he his making films for the last 2 years. Casey explains what Make-a-wish is. Today Nick comes into Casey's studio. Nick explains his illness, biliary atresia when he was a baby. He lived with the illness 12 years and then had a new liver. They will make a narrative movie together and promote it at the end of the vlog. Nick is the director, Dan is the head of direction and Casey is the producer. Part 1. pre production. Story. 2. props: some outfits, some brains and a lightsaber... and lot of fake blood. 3. cast. Nick: inspector. Dan: damsel in distress. Casey: bad guy. 4. location. 5. gear. Part 2: production. They play a little in the empty space then go to the technical room. Perfect for an horror movie. Then they go outside to buy the props. clip hair extensions. smoke machine. Police costume for Nick, dress for Dan and formal gray costume for Casey. Behing the scenes, fake blood. Part 3. World premiere. The Zombie inspector. In the studio Casey offers Nick his own pair of Casey's styled sunglasses.

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