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Episode number 89 from season 4.

2018-09-20 - i didnt want to like it. GoPro 7; GREATEST EVER.

Season 4 - Episode 89 - 09-20-2018
Water slide. Gopro Hero 7 black. A month ago Gopro invited Casey and some tech journalists for a fun waterpark/mountain bike day. He wasn't allowed to post anything because of an embargo but today he finally is allowed to share its test of the Gopro Hero 7 Black. Vernon New Jersey. Interview with Nick the founder CEO of Gopro. HD was what put them in the game, now is the era of hyper stable footage. Mountain bike time. Downhill test, stabilized and unstabilized to compare side by side. Casey asks if someone can vlog with a gopro. Better sound, increased dynamic range, so yes. Water slide to try if the sound is better. Nick thinks gimbals used to be useful but not anymore. On the road back Casey explains that he went to the park very skeptical, He didn't see the point of having another GoPro... but... after seeing the footage it won him over. The question is : is this thing worth $400. Our cellphones have 4K cameras, are waterproof. To have something with a better quality we need something like a SLR camera. So where does the GoPro fits in? For a Youtuber yes of course, but for anyone just wanting to shoot videos, it is definitively not the first place you should spend $400.

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