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Episode number 84 from season 4.

2018-09-08 - never get in an UNLOCKED POLICE CAR!!!

Season 4 - Episode 84 - 09-08-2018
Long line of cop cars, Casey is 50 percent sure that it is fake cars. Casey tries to go in one. This is a picture car for a movie or tv show. Tesla ride to Francine's school for her orientation. It went well, Francine is a baby but at school she is changed, serious. Afternoon run, he never does that but this morning it was not possible. Strange weather, nice view from a pier. He wishes he had a proper camera. So he goes home and come back with a big camera and telephoto lens. The orange band dissipated and it is now all gray. Back in the studio he explains that he will now talk more of 368 as the train has left the station. Jerami has opened the tattoo parlor. Classical music. Before he goes there he wants to address some questions. No 368 is not a MCN. The party they add the other day did not cost anything to attend, it is not their business model. HE goes to the tattoo parlor. A girl has a NYC 18 tattoo, Casey has the same... but 17. CAsey sees on Twitter that Mac Miller died, 26, a hip hop artist.It reminds him how fragile life is. From afar a lot of celebrities seems to have everything but no, they struggles, have demons...

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