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Episode number 83 from season 4.

2018-09-07 - MEET MY TWIN! - bfv&tattoos at 368

Season 4 - Episode 83 - 09-07-2018
Money Talks Bullshit Walks on a t-shirt. 91°F hot today. Solid run despite the heat. Later, Boosted Board ride and he explains that there is a pattern, few very warm days in September then it is freezing cold. He cherish this weather. In the studio he drinks a hot cup of coffee. Gaming monitors boxes to open. Huge Samsung ultra-wide screen. Casey struggles to set it properly. He asks for help. Sponsored Video, they are doing a project with EA. They add speakers. Casey tries the game and then leave the studio. A storm is coming, he goes in the 368 space, put a chair on a scaffolding and explains the audience that they are building a tournament space. Not a proper one because they don't have the real estate but a 4 person practice space. It will eventually become a 8 person space but they prepare for 4 for Saturday. EA is bringing gamers. First event at 368 HQ. 1pm NYC time. Casey show the store, they plan to open one day next week, Jerami will install a tattoo parlor and tattoo people. He has drawings on his websites, people can sign in and then go at 368 to have the tattoo done. Last week Casey made a video about doing too much, the 368 is taking off, happening at the same time and the baby is due in 4 weeks, Casey is happy but totally overwhelmed. The only thing he can do is keep going.

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