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Episode number 82 from season 4.

2018-09-06 - we had a Creator PARTY AT 368!!

Season 4 - Episode 82 - 09-06-2018
Today is a day of something they are doing the first time at 368. They don't know to activate the community but they invited some friends for a Taco Tuesday, even if it is Wednesday today. Special Guests Mike and Josh Brother Green Eats . They are cooking a lot of things. Tacos, both vegan and meat. Casey asks how is 368 kitchen, because they are the firsts to use it. In the studio Casey opens a package with lots of candy inside. He explains that he likes the incubator side of 368. Someone gets an idea and the incubator provides tools and means to do what they are trying to do. 368 could be all over the world as YouTube creators incubators. Right now they are just a few people eating some tacos but it is the first time they are inviting people at 368. Time to see Minnie Mouse. Quick work interruption, it is fashion week in NYC. Candice and Francine are going to see Minnie Mouse. 90th anniversary. Minnie style. They all have Minnie Mouse ears. Francine is waiting and finally Minnie arrives. She is excited. They dance together. Now time for taco. Dan interrupts the vlog to explain that he is sorry he hasn't made the Taco Tuesday Intro, but next week... There is also an anniversary. The taco nights goes well. They are trying the machine that tattoos the t-shirts on their arms. It does not give great results. Cab ride back home with Candice, she is so pregnant, the baby is kicking. Candice explains that the party went well except not enough booze.

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