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Episode number 8 from season 4.

2018-04-10 - WAiT TiLL YOU SEE THiS!

Season 4 - Episode 8 - 04-10-2018
Casey prepares pancakes with Dan at home. 7am. Not sure what will last longer: the vlog or his marriage. Casey has a present for Candice, it's been a long run to organize. Phone call to finalize something. Filipacchi store. Electric surfboards, bicycles, fatbikes. They take 2 and go in front of Candice's office. Roy is here too. Casey calls here and ask her to come down for a surprise. Billy electric bike, made by/with Jesse. She tries it and find it awesome. Candice crashes the bike on the pavement. In her office they try to show the next Billy! collection but it is not ready yet. They talk about their podcast, coming in about 2 weeks. They take the bikes with them to come back to the 368 space. They ride them in the space. Then in the basement Casey explains that they are building a couple of studios here. Small spaces with really good sound. They will use them for themselves but also offer other creators to use them, will all the resources and partnership they need to promote their podcasts. 368 network, people helping each other. Construction has begun. The main office construction has started. New walls, a door to access the overview. In studio Casey explains that he is by himself tonight but Dan offers a proper ride with the new bikes. Time with Francine in the playground.

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