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Episode number 6 from season 4.

2018-04-08 - MY HAIR IS GONE.

Season 4 - Episode 6 - 04-08-2018
Dan asks people if they want to take him to surf, but they have to send a video of them surfing so he knows it's real. While doing his morning run Casey explains that he has to cut his hair, he is tired of the long blonde hair. He has 3 pillars of health: running, going to the gym and eating healthy. They are spaced very far away. He really loves running, he just cares for the gym, just doing sit-ups while watching TV on his iPad but hates eating healthy food, he loves candy. Stop at Juice Press. Dan doesn't like green juice. Dan tries something (ginger juice ?) and hates it. Casey hasn't shows Dans any restaurants. Cinematic moment with sad music: Casey going to Astor Hair to cut his blonde curls. Slow motion. BAck in the street on the boosted board, fans, NYPD, boosted board... In the studio Casey explains that he had not his hair short for probably 9 years. Perfect transition to talk about changes. There were some resistance from him to go back to daily vlogging. Sometimes the audiences are fickle. Casey's interest is to make great movies, not to conform what is audience thinks wants. It's scary, but Casey is not afraid of making something different, to be better. Plug for the book Originals, how non-conformists move the world by Adam Grant. Restaurant with Candice, Dan talks of Casey's junk food habit. Sugar tends to disappear next to Casey. Plane with Dan. Casey asks Dan how the energy is different from when he was in South Africa. Everything is just so much. Speaking of changes, why do they have to change city every day? Casey like change.

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