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Episode number 3 from season 4.

2018-04-05 - SHE'S MUCH BETTER

Season 4 - Episode 3 - 04-05-2018
In New York you can meet vloggers at every corner of the street, Daniel is vlogging (not really) with a huge dji movi stabilizer, Canon Csomething and L lens. Morning run bad weather, Casey asks the audience to save this vlog and to play it again when it is sunny during summer. He is so sick of this wet cold weather. Casey always look forward for summer. In the studio he explains that he will meet an athlete to ask her what she think what sport they can do in the new space. Dan is already here. Rachel has lots of luggage. She is a youtuber and former division 1 basketball player. Small talk. They don't have a ball. Dan comes back with a ball. Casey removes his jacket, and they try to install a new basket. The instructions are not in english. Tools to mount the basket on the wall. Back in the studio to find a way to directly mount the metal part on the wall. Duct tape on the floor to draw the lines. Rachel tries to train Dan and Casey. Later in the studio, first sunny weather. They haven't been able to go outside for one week. They take the boosted boards, Dan is ok. Ghost busters firehouse. Dan feels like in a movie more than at home. They go to a pier, Closed. They go behind the fence where young people smoke pots. Nobody's here. Time for views and timelapses of the city. Back home. Pasta, sauce. Candice cooked. It is the first time since Casey knows her.

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