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Episode number 20 from season 4.


Season 4 - Episode 20 - 04-24-2018
Casey is super exciting, lots of meetings today. 368 is all about collaboration. Interview with Alexis Ohanian the co-founder of reddit. His first company: My Mobile Menu. Casey wants to find a scalable way to discover, help and promote small youtubers. He wants to merge creativity and commerce. Reddit finds what is most interesting on the whole internet and bubbles it to the top. Visit of the place. Casey asks him if he wants to be a technical advisor or something like that. There is no road-map. Casey will need help to make this happen. Later this day he confronted a guy peeinf on the door to 368. It was upsetting to him so he sought the counsel of one of his friend: Marlon. Marlon had the same problem with his truck. He explains you can't win. Life lesson: When someone messes with you, just move your truck and get back to work. Back in the studio Casey shows the new Boosted Board Stealth. The fastest BB. Dan makes his own mailtime, he received a face mask. First Casey tighten the trucks of the skateboard, he likes rigidity when going fast. Race between the regular BB v2 and the Stealth. Faster but does not seems a lot faster. Heavy clouds over NYC.

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