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Episode number 2 from season 4.

2018-04-04 - How do i keep going?

Season 4 - Episode 2 - 04-04-2018
Casey's friend Kevin improvises a song for a 368 theme. Food in a restaurant and when they leave Casey takes free food from the street too. NYC sweatshirts. Back in the studio Casey explains that even if they have the big space he will continue to come here because downstairs it is so raw. Drone views of the space. They have to choose what to do where. Jack is here, he is now a big youtuber with 183K subscribers. Control center on top, next to the bathrooms. They will seal a door and make another one. Then a kind of nest over the staircase enclosure to have a view over the entire space. Real talk with Jack. Casey asks him what it feels to be a youtuber now. He made a video explaining what he will do next, and he got a lot of views. So he embraces the situation and made a video the next day and then the next day and so on. Boosted board ride.Casey explains that the construction work will start next on Monday. The contractors and plans are ready, they just need supplies. Boosted board failure but he fixed it. Stop to visit Candice work place. Candice is excited to see Jack. F*ck you / F*ck me necklace. Stop at 7eleven to buy food. Stop at 10H door, the apartment of Dan Mace. He is wearing a USA flag outfit. They received a lot of questions about workflow, how the edit happens and how they work together.When he was vlogging, Casey was shooting all day, edit all night and post the next morning. That worked. For 368 He shoots all day, edit all night and then the next morning instead of posting the movie on Youtube he gives the edit to Dan. Casey's edit is unfinished, the story and narrative are ok but all the other stuff like effects, color correction, sound design are done the next day. So they post 2 days after shooting. It is theory. They manage to make 2 videos and it is already a disaster. They haven't slept in 4 days. Small interruption explaining that Dan finished the edit a 4:00am, they were supposed to post at 8:00am but Casey finished to edit his re-edit at 8:15am. This isn't sustainable, they have to find a solution.

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