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Episode number 19 from season 4.

2018-04-23 - Why I Wear a Suit??

Season 4 - Episode 19 - 04-23-2018
Casey is doing pushups with Francine on his back. Views of NYC. Huge boat. Lots of shoes in Casey's cupboard. Casey usually buy running shoes 3 pairs at a time. As he has a metal plate on his leg he has to land on his heels while running. He shows how it wears the shoes rapidly. He has to change them about every 6 months. Today is the day for 3 new pairs. He rotates them every day. Unpaid and probably unwanted advertisement for thinkcoffee his favorite coffee shop. Best cup of coffee in a 10-block radius around 368 HQ. Back to the HQ. So much to talk. He takes the electric bike to go to the office. It is nearly complete. Sliding door, paint. Secure railing on the balcony. The building had seen some progresses and the ideas in his mind too. It takes time. The priorities are to be able to work here, and the team. a couple of key people will be here. The idea which seems to remain the most is to be able to help small creators. Casey knows to plug small creators on his audience to make them grow, but that is not scalable. The plan is to build something small, see if that works, then add on something bigger and so on. The hardest part is to make this interesting on a vlog. They have more clarity every day on what they try to accomplish. Serious question he has to answer: why does he wear a suit? Not much of an answer. He had to make something different from all the previous vlog episode he has made these last years. That's it. Yes he is a fan of reservoir dogs. The yakuza too. No he does not like in restaurants when people think he is a waiter, not it is not comfortable and Candice does not find the suit to be handsome anymore. Not sure as he told the audience he now must stop to wear the suit. He tries other outfits, and even asks Marlon the UPS guy. Marlon doesn't want him to stop. New Boosted board in the mail. Candice picks Casey at the office, he gives her a box of Ding Dongs and explains that he thinks he is done with the suit. Candice is relieved.

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