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Episode number 18 from season 4.


Season 4 - Episode 18 - 04-22-2018
Casey attaches a slice of pizza under a Phantom drone. Tech review tuesday. Still no proper intro. They have 25 unopened boxes. So they will test something from one of these boxes. First mailtime/tech review on 368. You are a dream book, cool waterproof light. lacrosse stick. Wood engraved art. Frim forest game. suitcase from Karlie Kloss. Away suitcase. scented candles, hammock. insulated mug, American flag that flew on STS 54 mission and went into outer space in 1993. The number one thing he received. He found it: accessory to make deliveries from a drone. You attach it to a drone, hang something to it and then push a button to drop whatever is attached. Things dropped from a drone... tt can be bad things, they need to find something positive. They buy pizza at one dollar pizza. Dan wants a piece.He tries it. Back in the studio they have to figure out how the accessory works. Casey attaches to his drone and tests it in the studio. They attach a slice of pizza to a clamp, the clamp to a twine and the twine to the release mechanism. They try it in a park. Casey flies the pizza to Dan and delivers it. Dan receives it on the head. Second attempt he manages to grab the slice. They give the rest of the box to a person in the park.

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