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Episode number 17 from season 4.

2018-04-21 - White Castle IMPOSSIBLE (fake) Burger vs. REAL Burger

Season 4 - Episode 17 - 04-21-2018
Food testing crew: the impossible slider, with fake meat vs cheese burger (real meat) from White Castle. They order 10 of each. They are in Brooklyn with Oscar to test this vegetarian burger. Detailed close-ups of both, they are not sure which one is the beef one. Taste: normal, regular... Time for the vegetarian burger. Looks better, is heavier. It smells smoky. Casey likes it better. It does not taste like a tofu or other kind of traditional vegetarian burger, it just tastes like meat. Now Sue and Candice blind test. First the vegetarian. Candice does not like it, Sue doesn't care. Second burger (real one, Candice doesn't really like it either, even thinks that it's the same but is less bad than the first one. They both discover which is which.

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