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Episode number 16 from season 4.

2018-04-20 - BiG WONG

Season 4 - Episode 16 - 04-20-2018
Dan wears a New York F*cking city. Traveling makes having a regular schedule difficult, and Casey misses running. Only concrete but NYC is still his favorite place to run. Stop at Juice press after a 10 miles run. easier to have a healthy drink after running. Otherwise it is mor e egg McMuffin or pancakes. Avici died, Casey just discovered that. 28. so young. It makes him pause an think on what is the most important things in life. News week article: A youtuber is facing 2 years in jail for feeding toothpaste Oreos's to homeless men. Casey hates when people doing this kind of jackasserie brings attention to this platform. On his previous boosted boards CAsey painted a big green arrow to show the direction the board goes. The boosted mini on the other side is asymmetric, easy to spot the front, but Casey needs to make something to make it unique, so he spray paints his name in green. Dan asks why he has to put his name on everything he owns. Candice arrives in the studio. Dan explains how he lost his bag in the airport. He got a brand new replacement laptop and manage to recover his lost bag. Candice has packages to open. Ding dongs candy. The fought for the last one in previous videos. B-roll segment of Candice eating ding dongs. First time uses the BB mini as a regular mean of transportation. Part 2 of Casey's guide to New York City. Chinatown. You can get anything in China Town. The best restaurant here is Big Wong. Dan almost crashes his BB into the river. Casey asks him if he misses Cape Town. He misses routine. He went here to work hard and to be out of his confort zone. Very cold weather here, when in Cape Town they suffer a very sever water crisis. Taxi ride back as their batteries died.

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