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Episode number 15 from season 4.

2018-04-18 - World's Largest Nutella pump

Season 4 - Episode 15 - 04-18-2018
Brussels, Belgium. Hotel with huge Nutella jar. Pancake machine with coveyor belt. Back to Ireland. They need to replace the drone. They are looking for one in Dublin. Tramway in the center. Hop on and hop off bus. They are the worst tourists. The drone is hard to replace, the dealer only takes cash. For a $1,100 piece of electronic. Park with fans. Statues. They are here for Dublin Tech summit where he has a talk this afternoon. He tries to go to all these kind of events but it is hard with the family life. He can't use these events to spend one week in Ireland, one week in Chicago... Poetry time with Dan Mace. How to achieve what they want to do for the 368 series. The narrative has to be complete. Very happy fan, drone footage of Dublin given by someone (Sean Walsh). He didn't record anything from his talk but an Irish Youtuber named Ronan Hutchinson did. Right after the talk, they have a flight to take. Food at the airport. They are late. Dan forgot his bag somewhere, no idea where. They manage to take their flight but were not able to recover the bag before taking off. Someone take them in charge at the arrival and will take care of Dan's problem. Brussels. Dan has a Nutella string on his cap. Not a lot of time in Brussels, Dan slept during Casey's talk and then back at the airport. Back in NYC. Dan's conclusion: nothing went wrong, nothing was lost and loads of sleep.

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