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Episode number 137 from season 4.

2019-08-14 - My New New Studio

Season 4 - Episode 137 - 08-14-2019
Studio redux. Casey show the inside of his Tesla. His hair could be trimmed. He doesn't have a studio yet. He has a room over his garage that could be turned into a studio but it is not ready yet, but a lot happened to his New York City studio before he left. He had to shrink it back to its original size and give up the big part. So back to NYC. Casey's looking puppet. There is a wall instead of a hole in the first part. Many things have been relocated: desktop with computers, boosteed boards... He wants to show what used to be the other half of the studio. The whole thing is being renovated, plaster boarded, ... The polaroid wall is gone, he saved the pictures into a book. Many things are still here, the rings, the speed bag. But it is just a hollow shell. Sam Sheffer and his dad are here. Sam will use the space. Ad for Nord VPN. Twice because he shot it in his old studio before the separation wall was back... but it does not make any sense. But he shows it anyway. Casey shares the biggest changes in the room. The new wall of course. As he had to put lots of things back in the smallest space, he had to use the space on this new wall. The boosted boards are here. Where they used to be there are now 2 computer stations. One Mac and one PC. Shallow desk. He saved his books on new shelves. The hardest part was keeping or letting go. Lots of things were emotionally hard for him but throwing away old stuff he didn't even remember he had was not. It is technically hard and long to do but this was a fun process. Just knowing that he has a space to stay and work when he will be in NYC is enough. It's a little window left open that he can come back through any time. He is also excited with building the new studio here in LA.

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