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Episode number 136 from season 4.

2019-08-01 - Faster than a Tesla.. Formula E Racing

Season 4 - Episode 136 - 08-01-2019
Listen to the sound of the electric race car. Back to New York City just before leaving. He wanted to do something special. He had an opportunity, the timing was perfect. He is in Brooklyn to watch the formula E. He has a VIP access, with of course unlimited free snacks.. Oysters. ABB robot that makes Nespresso coffee,Casey has the opportunity to be in the safety pace car. He drives it. He will miss that kind of event which occurs right in the city. The batteries are cooled with dry ice. Is it started? Hard to tell because the cars are almost silent. The predicted winner crashed his car just before the end of the race. End of the day, tomorrow they leave.

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