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Episode number 135 from season 4.

2019-07-18 - this is the end.

Season 4 - Episode 135 - 07-18-2019
Casey throws a boosted board through the gear closet glass door of his studio. This is it, this is the last page of the NYC very long chapter. Casey empties his studio. Casey has one life's mission: to realize the promises he made to himself when he was a kid. His first goal was to get away from the people who told him he couldn't. High-school teachers, parents, friends at that time... The place where that could happen was New York City. You can do and be anything because everyone is too busy to care. No one lives in NYC, you just survive. If you can make it there you can make it anywhere. Casey is doing a road trip to Los Angeles. He wanted to do these 3,000 miles alone, he misses solitude. He needs that time to process this huge change in his life. He empties his studio. Realizing his dream at 20 in NYC had consequences. The biggest one was that is was tough for his kid Owen. This struggle led to new dreams and aspirations. A little bit less selfish. Having a house to live with his kid(s). He worked toward those promises during the last 18 years. Moving truck to LA. With Candice and Francine (and Georgie) it becomes even more real and necessary. Construction job at his studio to close the wall that used to separate the two spaces. He wants to be more present with his family: physically and mentally. He wants to be better to the people around him. A painful reality that comes with that ambition is that he can't do it in NYC. No one is in NYC because they want to relax, slow down and spend more time with their family. People here are chasing a career. That sums up people interaction in NYC. He wants to leave that, so he also leaves New York. He is not sure but he wants to, to embrace what's next, that's what he is making this video. Candice and Casey are on Venice beach, both not sure they did the right thing. They will miss a lot of things.

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