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Episode number 134 from season 4.

2019-05-30 - Top of the Line Tesla 3 + $20,000.00

Season 4 - Episode 134 - 05-30-2019
Not clickbait. Casey is giving away a brand new Model 3 Tesla and $20,000 in cash. He is working with Omaze raising money for a great cause. To try to win you have to give at least $10 to charity on Omaze. Casey parked the Tesla just at the right time so there is a cruise ship passing by behind. Since 2012 Omaze raised over a hundred million dollars. The way they do it is by collaborating with celebrities, influencers, ... When they contacted Casey, Casey wanted to give away a Tesla, but also the taxes covered. The plan was also to offer the possibility to customize the car, but it is a Telsa, already the top of the model 3 line, so there is nothing to customize. Instead Casey suggested that they give the money planned for the customization in real cash instead. $20,000 in dead president hardcore cash in the front trunk of the car. The money raised through this fund raising will be given to a non profit organization called Give Power to bring renewable energy to people in need but also clean water, food to people who lack the most basic needs. You may win a car but at least you will give for a great cause. For the winner, if he wants, Casey could be the one who will personally give him the keys.

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