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Episode number 132 from season 4.

2019-05-20 - Building a $58 Million NYC Apartment

Season 4 - Episode 132 - 05-20-2019
View from an apartment in construction with a view on Central Park. The asked price is 58 million. Casey loves NYC but it is freaking him out. There is always something interesting in New York City. Casey has a meeting with Ryan Serhant. They drive to 57th Street, which is now billionaire's row. A 3 bedroom apartment is almost 30 million dollars. Helmet and they go inside the construction site. An artist is hand painting the entrance wall. Brian is a real estate broker and also has a show on TV and a YouTube channel. Today he has a chance to go with Casey to visit one of the tallest residential skyscrapers in the world. It it the World 111 West 57th Street Steinway Tower.They take a construction elevator to 1431 feet high. Casey doesn't think he can live that high. It is the last floor. They have one show apartment, with the glass on. The asking price for this apartment is 58 million bucks. If you could afford a 60 million home, would you want to live here... or maybe buy an island instead.

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