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Episode number 130 from season 4.

2019-05-10 - i'M Leaving NYC forever..

Season 4 - Episode 130 - 05-10-2019
It's not click bait. Hi on a big white card. He mentioned it a lot in the last 3 years. After 18 years in NYC he is leaving. Lots of implications in his personal life, 368... he will address that, but he wants to explain one more time that life is like a book, made in chapters. You can't embrace the next chapter until you close the current one. He is closing the New York City chapter. What about the studio? 15 years ago he had a day job and made one paid gig for a TV commercial. With the money he rent the studio and quit his day job to become a full time film maker. They are moving in July. They are giving up their apartment but he is keeping a place here because he will come back often. But what to do with the studio? It is 2 separate spaces. after the HBO show they were able to rent the 2 spaces. He will keep the first part and put a wall back and give up the second part. HE is going back to his original space where his whole career started. He is giving the space to a friend. Candice's family is in Los Angeles, Casey's brothers are in LA, so as he is getting older, the priority becomes more on the family and not just him. He can't give these priorities the right space in NYC. Video sponsored by NordVPN. Casey was already using NordVPN when they approached him. Casey explains how a VPN works. Then he is in Los Angeles, California. He explains that moving the whole family takes a lot of efforts and that's why he had not post videos these lasts weeks. School, house, stuff... he is excited and also fears closing the NYC chapter. He will miss his studio. Footage from the studio as he is today. It's a little sad, it's a lot.

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