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Episode number 129 from season 4.

2019-04-30 - Remembering John Singleton

Season 4 - Episode 129 - 04-30-2019
This video is about John Singleton who died Monday April 29, 2019. Casey made the video when he was hospitalized but not passed away yet. He doesn't know him but met him. It was amazing. in 2019 in Washington DC, he was there to make a TV show pilot. The day of inauguration they slept outside to be the firsts that day. 6am, Graham was there too. There were 2 nice people there too, they talked a little bit, introduced themselves, He was John and her daughter Justice. It was John Singleton, the youngest film director ever nominated for an Academy award. Casey admires him. He shows pictures and footage of them in the freezing cold. Casey calls Graham to talk about that inauguration. A few years ago he ran into John for a second time. They chitchatted, he remembered Casey, had seen his videos. Casey was influenced by his work.

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