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Episode number 127 from season 4.

2019-04-15 - THE FIRST Galaxy Fold

Season 4 - Episode 127 - 04-15-2019
Samsung Galaxy Fold, Casey jokes and shows 2 iPhones taped together then the Galaxy Fold. First look. Unboxing. It comes open in the box. Casey shows the body, the hinge is huge and it stays folded thanks to magnets. The thickness is about one phone, so when you fold it it is like having 2 phones. There is a gap around the hinge when the phone is closed. Casey compares the size to other mainstream phones like iPhone, S10+, Note 9... and Airpods, sunglasses. The keyboard is good. There is an outside screen you can use when the phone is closed, it is 4.7 inches so not that small, about the size of an iPhone 5s. Folded it is easy to operate with one hand as is it not very large. What is the point of the tablet size on a phone? When driving, maps are bigger. At the gym on a treadmill. The screen is very good but yes there is a crease on the fold. It doesn't affect the performance but it feels like the notch of the iPhones, it is weird but you have to accept it. It doesn't seem to getting worse with the time, it's part of the product... but unfortunate though. The camera is the same as the s10 but the "viewfinder" is enormous! At $1900 it is more expensive than the most expensive iPhone or Galaxy phone not everyone can buy this. But it is something that represents future, a little bit like the original iPhone is 2007. Not a perfect piece of hardware but something that showcase what the future will look like. It is the beginning of coming evolutions between cell phones and computers. And that is what Casey finds interesting. He shows the phone to people around and films their reactions. They find it cool and amazing.

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