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Episode number 126 from season 4.

2019-04-01 - MANIPULATED, TRICKED, BRAINWASHED.. moving past a social media addiction

Season 4 - Episode 126 - 04-01-2019
Construction work in the street, always a lot of noise. Casey explains that he does not wear sunglasses with custom white paint circles around the lenses anymore because he lost them and making a new pair is a cumbersome task. He goes to Ray-ban store, buys a pair of new sunglasses and come back in his studio to paint them like he used to do. It's been 14 days since he posted the video about quitting social media. He removed the apps from his phones, he still hasn't reinstalled them. How does he feel... yeeh.. 2 distinct feelings. Bad part of quitting social media: He lost a part of interactions with people, especially on Twitter. For Instagram it is also a little bit like that. He still checks people's instagram for 5 minutes at the end of the day. Good part of quitting social media. FOMO. Fear Of Missing Out. An heavy emotion. It's not worth the cost. Drawing of the FOMO factory. You open Twitter, discover something, close the app, think about it, want yo know more, so you open the app and search for other information, closes the app... and so on. Until you explode. The cost of that cycle is filling your brain with that information, but what if the value of that? The return on investment. Cost vs Value. It brings a lot of noise for only a little bit of information. for Youtube or Netflix, you are more aware of what you are consuming, you trade a lot of time, but you know what you are learning. Of course there are bad and useless videos, but there's a lot less noise than on social media. On the positive side. Instagram is the most addictive but there is less noise when you process photos than 140 character messages. The Instagram algorithm is insanely good. The value of the company is mostly based on DEA: daily active users and how much time people are spending on their network per day. The more time you spend on their platform, the more successful they are as a company. It is in the company's DNA to make people spend as much time as possible on their apps. To monopolize human attention by any means necessary. That is their business. The intention of this video is not to bash social media, there are lots of good things to says about them, bu he also loves candy. Candy is great, but no one should consume candy as much are we are consuming social media. When you limit your access to those platform you avoid to be consumed by all the negativity that goes with them. He now stares less at his phone and it also had an unpredictable effect: it made him loves social media again. Many people commented on the previous video that he won't stick to this habit but it is quite the opposite, he does not want those apps on his phones anymore.

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