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Episode number 125 from season 4.

2019-03-27 - $2 MILLION in 12 months, the price of Mr. Beast's success

Season 4 - Episode 125 - 03-27-2019
A brief tell-all with Mr Beast. He wants something special for the interview, not just seating. Casey gives him the flamethrower. Mr. Best has between 10 an 20 million views per video. 2 billion views. The content is just him, doing stupid things, like looking for paint to dry, spinning a fidget spinner for hours, saying pewdiepie one hundred thousand times... Casey asks if he feels crazy while or after doing this kind of stuff. He has been on Youtube for 12 years, at the beginning he had another channel, deleted it, started another one with minecraft and random stuff, then one video popped out, him being rolled into cellophane. He started with no camera, only a laptop and built in mic. then a mike, then an iphone. The quality was not very good but he didn't have money to buy anything else. When the first video got a lot of views, he invested the money to continue to make videos. His first paid video, they offered him $5,000, he said he wanted twice that, and gave it to a homeless person in the street. He likes to help people, of course he wants money, he'd like to have a lot of money and then give it. He tipped a waitress $10,000. He likes people's reaction. Casey asks why he thinks those videos makes a lot of views. People like clickbait positivity. What is his formula? Last person to remove his hand from a Lambo gets it. He asks himself what people want to see. Yes it is clickbait but it delivers. They don't lie. The thumbnail is also very specific. Lots of thinking process before making the video. Now a lot of people depends on him so he has to continue to work, and of course it is correlated with the views. But you can still have fun and make things you like. Finding success on YouTube requires lot of motivation and ambition. For years he has been struggling, asking if he should continue or not. It is not an inspiring story until you succeeded ! He gave up his teenage years to succeed. He has done crazy things for PewDiePie, he bought every billboards of his city to make ads for him, he talked about how much money he was making. He has not f*cked up yet. Nobody is angry at him. He made a video to his future him (2 years before). He has Crohn's disease. He hasn't talked a lot about it. He used to be really sick but it is better now, he has medicine. Only low energy sometimes. He does not talk a lot about it because he wants to learn more about it before. Casey likes his relentless persistence and that he shares his success by giving a lot of money, not just earning it. He gave a lot but he thinks it is less than $2 million so not that much. No idea what he will be doing in 10 years. He still will be a YouTuber. He is saving money too.

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