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Episode number 124 from season 4.

2019-03-13 - Goodbye Social Media.

Season 4 - Episode 124 - 03-13-2019
Candice driving in NYC. Casey arrives in his studio, a guy name Jacob Lamendola is on the couch, he is a filmmaker, he is helping Casey editing his long form movie. Casey has a problem, he has a proper addiction to social media. A destructive habit. He can't spend more than a few minutes without checking social medias. He can justify that it is for work but it is mindless scrolling. He carries 2 phones, an iPhone and an Android phone. 59 minutes on Instagram average on his iPhone. 47 minutes on Twitter. 1h45 of his life lost every single day. Almost everything is useless. There is no way that stuff is making him a better person, a better father. Just burning time looking at other people's life. It is so new that nobody knows what is the long term impact of social media. When Georgina was born, Casey wanted on week just him and his beautiful baby, he didn't put anything on social media. He didn't checked Twitter or Instagram during 7 days. He wasn't happier but it felt like a burden was lifted off of him. He was able to spend more time to other stuff. He found an article on the New York Times from Kevin Roose: Do not disturb, how I ditched my phone and unbroke my brain. Another article: the NBA happiness crisis. They are feeling isolated, depressed... So Casey is deleting Twitter and Instagram on both of his phones. He keeps his accounts and will continue to use them, but only at home, sat down at his laptop. Back home, he is packing, he used to be good at packing light, but not anymore. Francine arrives to show a plant growing in a pot. trip to JFK airport. 5 hours after having deleted the apps he feels good. He still takes his phone out of his pocket by habit, but as there is nothing to do he puts it back. So far so good.

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