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Episode number 123 from season 4.

2019-03-04 - im a lifeguard now.

Season 4 - Episode 123 - 03-04-2019
Casey has been in his studio for 15-16 years now. Every square inch of the studio tells a story. He takes a random box, with dominoes inside, he made a video about the hours in his day with them. He is bringing this up because even if he is talking about that forever, he is one inch closer to leave NYC. As he thinks about that he is struggling to say goodbye to all these stories. He shows all his battery chargers. He shows what the studio was at the beginning. He is thinking about making a book, mostly pictures with tiny stories to give context to the photos. Stories of the people too. They used to make contest to swing and jump off of the rings, there was a half pipe in the studio, a rope with knots. He called his agent and they have to convince a publisher. So this video is for the publishers. More footage of what they've done inside the studio. Outside, Casey slides on the snow. Back to warmer better times. On the west coast, in Santa Monica, on the beach, Casey is doing production work. They were there to shoot an episode of Kevin Hart's Fitness Youtube channel called What the Fit. Lot of fun. He had to wait that the video went live before being allowed to post his vlog about it. Kevin was a lifeguard and a kid drown when he was supposed to be here. Nobody died but he was fired. Casey plays the lifeguard. He lost his glasses in the ocean. No big deal, but after a while someone brand him his glasses. A dude took time to search for them in the ocean! Lots of fans of Kevin. When you watch the 15 minute movie it seams easy and effortless but it took a while to film with a huge crew.

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