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Episode number 122 from season 4.

2019-02-26 - Being RICH vs Being POOR - a video essay

Season 4 - Episode 122 - 02-26-2019
Burgers for breakfast! In the basement big video production team. Casey is here because of Hot Ones, then The Burger Show. Egg slut. First we feast YouTube Channel. Back in the studio Casey explains that he found a New York Times articles called wealthy successful and miserable. Very interesting article. The journalist met a guy who makes 1.2 million dollars a year and is miserable at work. His work feels meaningless. They compare the situation of janitors who find fulfillment and happiness in their job. Casey tweeted the article and lot of comments were boohoo, poor millionaire is not happy. Casey thought a lot about that, that money won't solve all your problems. Casey was poor for a very long time. And yes, when you are broke money will solve your problems. Rich of poor, we all face life problems. Happiness, love, fulfillment, purpose... money won't solve these problems. But when you are broke you still have all these problems, and on top of that you have money problems: house, food, healthcare, transportation, clothing... Those problems also have and impact on life problems. Like Tony Hawk said to him in a previous video: the key to happiness is doing what you love. On his Boosted Board Casey explains that he wasn't posting these last days because he is working on a long form movie for his YouTube channel. He got a $275 ticket for running a red light on his BB last week.

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