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Episode number 121 from season 4.

2019-02-07 - IT FINALLY HAPPENED!!

Season 4 - Episode 121 - 02-07-2019
Making Dreams Come True, part 2 of 2. 6 hours before the game. This video is about watching his friend Joe watching his favorite team win (or loose). They are far from the stadium, looking for bikes. They have one and try to find a second one. Waffle House. They leave, feeling sick. Electric scooter, Casey takes the bike. Stop at BestBuy. Casey broke the mic input on his Canon 80D. He buys a new camera. A guy is looking for a camera for his coming trip to the Bahamas, Casey offers him his mike input broken camera when he got his new camera. Casey interviews Joe about his feelings on the game. Back to town, they pick up their ticket from seatgeek. Ad. Fulfillment center. Great seats. There is gonna be tears. Casey like that, emotions, good content. In front of the stadium Joe is optimistic. Pause, back in Casey's studio. He has to give a little bit of context. Joe has one dream: physically witness his favorite team win the biggest game in all of football. The match begins. Joe is getting pretty hysterical. Footage from the previous times when Casey brought Joe here but the team lost. But this time it happens. Finally the Patriots Win. Tears. Joe wants to run back to the hotel.

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