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Episode number 120 from season 4.

2019-02-05 - ONE LAST ATTEMPT..

Season 4 - Episode 120 - 02-05-2019
Making Dreams Come True, part 1 of 2. Casey is in Francine's bed. The light is the best here. Today is a very special day. Tomorrow in Atlanta, Georgia, is the biggest sport event in the USA. Casey is not a lot into sports but he is going to the football game. He is going with Joe his high-school friend. They used to always be together but not anymore. Plane ticket and flight to Atlanta. Ad for Seatgeek. That's how he got the ticket. Selfie with a fan at the airport. A member of the crew wants to be in the vlog. Atlanta fans at the airport.They arrive early at the hotel. Time to razor shave, a truck is here with all they need. First profesionnal shave he ever has. Running. Never skip a run. They go towards the stadium. There is a concert tonight, they have to take tickets at the stadium. Soundcheck. At night, back in the city center. Joe is confident about tomorrow.

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