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Episode number 12 from season 4.


Season 4 - Episode 12 - 04-15-2018
Tech Tuesday: Casey opens the box with a mini boosted board inside. July 22nd 2015 was the first day Casey tried a boosted board. It is by far the thing that changed the most the way he interacts with the city. Boosted Mini S. Casey has 2 complains about the regular boosted board: price and size. Very difficult to travel with. Outside he shows the size comparison of the regular, a normal non electric skateboard and the mini. As it is very long the regular BB is also very hard to carry vertically. The mini is heavy but very easy to carry. carry ability. Same sound - he tries inside - but a totally different experience. He tries it in the streets. Very impressive, very similar power and braking than the regular BB. Back in the studio. He really likes it. $750. Only. He will make a proper review later.

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