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Episode number 119 from season 4.

2019-02-02 - BURGER KiNG Fights back (this is not an ad)

Season 4 - Episode 119 - 02-02-2019
It was a joke. Casey arrives in his studio dressed like if he was skiing. Polar vortex in NYC. Recap of the previous Burger King video. Not everyone got the joke. Many articles explaining that Casey fell exploited, tricked, ... and that was bad. But Casey explained that it was a clever idea in the video. He screams in a megaphone: It was a joke. One good thing, Burger King didn't take it seriously. They followed him, he followed them on twitter and DM them to say "i hope youre not upset ;)" a they replied "Not even at all!", they we psyched to talk with him. He got a call from their Chief Marketing Officer. Cool talk. They proposed to make a donation to the charities he mentioned, the Boyad-and-Girls Club and the Make a Wish Foundation. $25,000 each. They won't publicize the fact that they are making those donations. They also talked about all the negative press about CAsey's first video. BK will offer 2,000 free whopper meals to Casey's fans. Casey appreciate their open mindedness. Old add from BK.

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