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Episode number 118 from season 4.

2019-02-01 - Bros Tho.

Season 4 - Episode 118 - 02-01-2019
Drone views of the mountains. 7:00am he is in a hotel room in Deer Valley, Utah. He is here for work but with lot of downtime too. He is here for an Adobe project for 368. Tomorrow is also the Sundance festival but today is for skying. Uber ride, lots of famous people today. Graham his friend arrives. They climbed the Kilimanjaro together. Graham Veysey is also an entrepreneur. Then Adobe event. Casey talks here, also a movie. Then back in the mountains, they hike from the lift to go to the apex of the mountain. They later talk about the fact that when they are busy with family life, businesses, it is easy to undervalue the time you spend with friends but this trip is a good reminder of the importance it has. He leaves Park City. Post video announcement, the Adobe video is live now, link below the vlog. The arc of creativity.

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