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Episode number 117 from season 4.


Season 4 - Episode 117 - 01-29-2019
Not a commercial. Music box to set the tone to the video: a threatening tone. The Godfather. Casey doesn't like to be taken advantage of or manipulated. Burger King did that to him. Opposite of a branded campaign. This video is more for Burger King social media team. They went through Casey's old tweets from 2010 and liked them. Casey asked why BK is liking his old tweets. That tweet got a lot of likes. Then an article appeared in Complex magazine explaining why BK was liking your old tweets. They did that on many famous Twitter accounts. The reason is that BK is bringing back Funnel Cake Fries, introduced in 2009. Yes influencers use social media to make money but that move from BK is terrible because those people don't endorse sugar coated fried... and at the same time it is a genius idea, it worked, they won. Casey is even making a video about it. They tricked them and it worked. Brilliant. But he is still angry. Casey goes in a BK and ask people what they feel about it. Casey is a health fanatic so he can't promote fast food. He asks BK to come back to him to help some great non-profit organizations that looks after kids. In BK he buys a hamburger and fries, unpacks them on his shooting table, there are messages written on the packaging asking BK to call him. He puts everything in the trash bin. After we see Casey taking the food out of the trash to eat it.

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