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Episode number 116 from season 4.

2019-01-28 - The Lillian Vernon Story

Season 4 - Episode 116 - 01-28-2019
Yesterday was International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Appropriate time to share a story. The story of one of his heroes. A 20 minutes documentary. Van and him made this in 2003, 16 years ago. They met Lillian Vernon and her 2 sons Fred and David Hochberg, who wanted to document the story of his mother. DV camera, and they follow the familly in Europe. She passed away 3 years ago. She had a big impact on Casey. With hard work and perseverance you can do anything. Casey plays the documentary. She was born in 1927, in Leipzig, Germany. After being a successful business woman in the United States, she comes back in Europe to revisit the places she grew up 67 years ago. Their parents, Jewish, left Germany to Holland to protect their children. They go back in the house where she lived. The owner let them in and take time to visit, it has changed. Tough time for Lilian. She remembers leaving the place. Footage from an interview where she explains that she invested the checks she received for her wedding to fund a business. She printed an ad for a bag, the orders came in, her father made the bags. Lillian was born. She left Germany after Hitler came to power. It was not her decision, just her parents, especially his father who wanted to protect his family and his male child, because of war, the army. They go to Leipzig. 25 DinterStrasse. A man is there he helps them. He has the phone book from 1932 and 1933. They bought them. Back to her career in the USA. Her business with catalogs grew up very fast, she crossed $1 million then $200 million per year. After September 2001 the business was tough, she sold the company. In Leipzig she explains that they left Holland to America but her brother has to fight against Germans and died.

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