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Episode number 115 from season 4.

2019-01-23 - he said my name HOLY SH*T HE SAID MY NAME!

Season 4 - Episode 115 - 01-23-2019
Tennis match. Stefanos Tsitsipas is a 20 years old greek tennis player. He beat Federer. He is leaving the dream, living what he has been working hard for. He has his own YouTube Channel. He mentions that he watches Casey Neistat and Peter McKinnon. Casey shows some of his videos, he is vlogging when he travels. Very Casey's style. Casey calls Peter McKinnon, Casey wants to make a collab with Stefanos. Casey promotes Stefanos channel. Subway ride. He meets a woman there. He calls Akela, he went out of the subway at the wrong exit. Lincoln Square theater. Akela and Casey's movie reviews. They saw Black Panther and since they want to take more time to watch movies during the day... without letting Candice think they have an affair. Today: Glass, a thriller. The best theater (imax, dolby...) of NYC but the ticket costs $27! Rough. It was terrible, long. They wanted it to be great. The photography was brilliant but it is supposed to be a thriller, where people are kidnapped and die, but they laughed the whole movie. 33% on Rotten tomatoes.

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