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Episode number 110 from season 4.

2018-12-28 - Tony Hawk's 1 piece of advice for success

Season 4 - Episode 110 - 12-28-2018
Drum-roll, today a special presentation. Lots of balloons inside Casey's studio, but they have nothing to do with this presentation, so he uses his flamethrower to pop them. The secret in life is to find something you love to do and do it for the rest of your life. At 37 Casey thinks that for him it is making movies. But today he is meeting one of his heroes, who did that for his entire life. Casey wanted to meet him for 28 years. He is late. Tony Hawk. TV show extracts. Casey was watching him doing a 900 at the X-games. The idea of making a career with a skateboard was unbelievable. Passed 18 it was not cool anymore. In the magazine there were only young people under 18, then they quit to find a job. It was a small community. Tony figured out it could be a career when he was 17, senior in high school and he was able to buy a house! It was challenging to continue school. He then thought that it is important to have fall back solution because these careers are often very short term. He is 50. The video game went out 1999. A new video game is coming out today. Tony Haws is known because of the video games. They try the game on smartphone. Selfies in the street. One piece of advice: truly do what you love. Financial success may or may not come but at least you are doing what you love. Living the dream.

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