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Episode number 107 from season 4.

2018-12-14 - Never Ride an ELECTRIC SCOOTER in the Rain

Season 4 - Episode 107 - 12-14-2018
Flight to Warsaw. Casey slept like a baby. Fancy hotel room. He is jet lagged. He wanted to enjoy the city but the day is almost over. It is cold. He is tired like a zombie. Next morning he prepares himself to run. Traveling is never a good excuse to skip a run. No other runner in the streets. He is speaking at the Polish National Foundation today, they invited him. It is the 100th anniversary of Poland independence. Before his talk he is also invited to visit a startup co-working space and local entrepreneurs. Drone views of the Warsaw tower and the city. Lime electric scooter. He has 3 hours to kill, he is trying to find food. Google suggest one place, it is great, he meets other people there. He misses Candice. Car ride to the event. Makeup the the event itself. Lots of fans. The talk went great, he enjoyed the meeting with entrepreneurs.

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