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Episode number 105 from season 4.

2018-12-10 - a very tough flight

Season 4 - Episode 105 - 12-10-2018
Big wood box floating in the river. Too big to be a coffin but... It is very cold this morning. Casey will complain every day until it stops to be cold. Trip down memory lane. Footage from Francine's birth. She is 4 years old now. It is also when he started to vlog, she was just born. Balloon Saloon stayed open later so he can have balloons for Francine's birthday. Book: Casey Neistat, journey to 10 million. Made by YouTube. He is so nostalgic today. Workout at the gym. Quick session because he leaves later today. Home Francine has made a mess on the floor. How can a 30 pound four-year-old can destroy the whole flat! Packing time, Casey hates that. car ride to JFK. Casey is sad, it was tough to leave the house on Francine birthday day. She cried a lot. Casey used to like to travel, but leaving is getting harder and harder. He is excited about this trip but leaving makes him sad. He is flying to Warsaw Poland, first time for him. A big deal trip. 36 hours there. Like old fashion travel vlog.

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