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Episode number 103 from season 4.

2018-12-04 - we'll pay you $5,000.00 to design the 368 logo

Season 4 - Episode 103 - 12-04-2018
Casey is back in NYC, glad to be back but it is chilly here. No Boosted Board today, the TSA took it, he has to work. Walking is so inefficient, but it gives you time to see things you don't see otherwise. Stop at coffeplace. New merch is online in the store. The company he works with wanted to make a black Friday deal, but he wasn't posting videos at that time and didn't feel good to post a video just for the merch, so they did not ended up doing it but they will make it now: "Not a Black Friday sale, Black Friday Sale !" 40% off on the old merch, 20% on the new stuff. He started 368 about 8 month ago, it took a little while but there are lots of things really going on. The mission statement of 368 is "helping creators climb the ladder to success, escalator style". (taken from a song). They have things to offer: space, podcasting recording studio, photo shooting space, Ashley Graham shoots her podcast here. Overhead shooting table. Gaming stations, lounge space. They already had 2 events about Battlefied V. EA shot a TV commercial here. Huge chef style cooking kitchen. B&H will build a gear closet for us at 368. The process to be able to use these resources is to go to and email them to explain what they need and why. It is a really bad process, they have to figure out how to make it better. Lots of tiny problems like that have to be solved. Casey wants the place to be packed with creators. A week ago they did a creator Thanksgiving. They transformed 368 into a "grand'ma style living room" and flew 20 big creators here and invited 100 local smal creators. Thanks to Samsung. They met small creators to ask them what do they need, how to improve 368... Last thing, they have a project with Adobe. Max keeps telling Casey that they don't have a logo, a trailer to explain what they do, they lack all of this. They came up to an open call to designers, videographers, to work as freelancers for 368, with their fresh eyes, during one week to design the stuff they need. This project is one small thing but it is one more thing they need to do.

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